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Beauty- and Portrait

Our shooting

First of all: the shooting itself is guaranteed free of charge. I will charge only those pictures you want to buy.

To get there we will go through the folllowing steps:

  • Style-Match

You like these images. This is also your style. Drop me a WhatsApp, an Instagramm PN, an email or just call me.

  • The Briefing

We connect for a briefing, personally or virtually over the phone.

We'll decide what exactly we wanna do: Portraits, fashion-like Editorials etc.

What shall come across: being self-confident, strict, seductive, sexy, serious or freaky, serious or funny etc. etc.

Which outfits (and how many) you will bring.

Is a make-up artist or MuA required?

We will also discuss the location.

Basically, I don't do studio shootings. A neutral background cardboard doesn't do any good for the atmosphere of a picture. Better we choose your environment for the shooting location, your home, your favorite cafe shop or an exciting place outdoors.

You will also learn how an on-location shooting typically works.

This is the place when you decide if you want to do a shooting with me - we'll make an appointment.

  • The Shooting

Feel free to bring someone with you to the shooting, if you want - spectators and friends are welcome.

We both will sign a model release which regulates the image rights and satisfies GDPR.

Once the light is set, we wil start with the first poses; you will receive visible feedback immediately from the camera. Step by step we will develop your posing.

After 2 to 3 hours we'll have done about 500 - 1500 shots.

  • The Selection of the Pictures

The day after the shooting you will be able to view all out-of-cam images online. You may select online which ones you like. In parallel, I will also make my selection and already start working on it.

  • The Image Processing

I will then do the editing work on your selection in Photoshop and upload the result for you.

Up to here everything is completely free of charge. I do not sell shootings, only pictures.

  • The Pictures

You will wish to keep one or more of the finished pictures. This brings us to products and prices.


Are you interested in a shooting? Here is the contact page

The result - the prices

Fine Art Prints

Picture Book Fine Art
Fine Art Collector's Box

Wall Pictures

Living Room Picture Set "Salome"
Stairway "Hommage a Ema"

The shooting itself comes for free. I only charge for the finished pictures, finally edited as print, booklet or digital download. There is no obligation. You only purchase what you like.

Right after the shooting I need about 2 days for editing the pictures. I will share a link so you can view online and order. Of course, we can also jointly discuss and design the editing work.

Prices for pictures in UHD quality (Ultra High Definition) completely worked out, incl. beauty retouching etc.:

When ordering                 price per picture
1-2 pictures:                    80.- EUR
3-5 pictures:                    70.- EUR
6-9 pictures:                    60.- EUR
more than 10 pictures:      55.- EUR 

If you order 2 images or more, you will also receive all other images in smaller resolution, which are suitable for Instagram and Co, but not good enough for high quality prints.

All prices are download prices in high-resolution quality (smaller sizes for e.g. Instagram and Co are complimentary).

For prints or booklets, additional costs will apply at cost price, e.g. special fine art print paper, printing on acrylic, photo book etc. I am using Saal-Digital services, whose prices for prints and books you may find here.

In case of booklets (coffee table booklet) the per-picture price will be significantly reduced.  A booklet won't not cost you a fortune (e.g. XX pictures on YY pages costs approx. ZZ EUR).

I am happy to answer any questions and provide further information. Just use the contact form below.

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