Shootings aren't complicated performances. It's most of the time easy going and lots of fun.

You want professional, artistic images in which you are playing a leading role. No standard selfies shot with your cell phone run through an exaggerated filter. You want a picture - not a pic - that hangs on your wall or stands out as a coffee table book.

This is what I do. No boring studio, but pictures, no one-day instas, but something with substance.

What comes next is simple:

It starts with the idea - what do we want to shoot. Fashion in the banking district, a portrait in a home shooting, an editorial, a set?


Contractual basis: If I am as interested in the topic as you are and if I may use and publish the pictures, I am more than happy to do TfP (see below), if I am commissioned with the creation of the picture behind the camera without getting any rights to the pictures, I gladly take a fee (see below), if I absolutely want to realize a picture, I gladly work together with professionals, so I will pay the model.


TfP - stands for Time for Pictures, both parties contribute with their time and get the pictures in return. In short: those who are interested in the picture will share the effort, usually on own cost. Cost for visa or MUA may be shared. Important: photographer and model have equal rights to the pictures. All details are regulated in a contract calleds Model Release.

Fee: Depends mostly on the effort spent, here are examples:

- home shooting, approx. 2 h    400.-

We will discuss upfront the type of pictures we are going to make: How do you want to come across? serious, sexy, sensual ...
I will come to your home, we find the surroundings of your pictures, we discuss the setup, we take the pictures. I'm happy to help with hints for your you posing, point out the tricks that pro-models are using, and - there will be a lot of fun.

- Beauty Walk, approx. 2 - 3h             600.-


We will go for a walk, downtown in the city, in a park, in the countryside. Placed where you will show yourself. The path is your catwalk, you on the stage presenting your beauty. We will discuss the options how show yourself, try out different outfits and let the light blow through your hair.

- Editorial on location, approx. 4h (incl. preliminary discussion etc.)         900.-

We will pre-discuss the story, the message of the series, what do you want to tell about yourself, what flavour of your personality you want to show.
We meet at the location and get step by step into the topic, into your role. The pictures will emerge by themselves.