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Capturing Beauty

Fine Art Photography

Porträt Shooting

Beauty and Potrait

let your look become the image

let yourself be staged.

Show yourself

proudly cool

interesting attractive

seductive and sexy

The range is from fashion-like beauty to sensual nudes


You have planned everything to the letter.

Hold this day, the whole day.

All day from hair/makeup to saying goodbye after the party.

I accompany you with my wedding reportage.

You will receive an extensive photo book, a TV slide show and the first pictures within 24 hours.

Hochzeitsfotografie mit Licht und Licht
Walter Eckardt, Licht und Licht

Art is rarely straight

​My name is Walter Eckardt. I take pictures in southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Specialized in people photography (portrait, beauty, nudes) and in wedding reports.

It's always about beauty, it's never mainstream.

My portraits are exciting, my nudes powerful and my wedding reports intense, not cute.

Weddings are always meticulously prepared.

Beauty shootings come for free, just the pictures will be charged.

Photography is placing the light in front of the camera and sensing the moment when the light has to go through the lens

Just light and light

Licht und Licht Logo

What exactly will be done

You like the way you look and your charisma.
Your wedding plans are somehow special.

is is, waht will be inspiring for my pictures of your personality.

Click here on your topic. Learn what your role will look like and how little it costs.

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